Friday, April 14, 2017

Star Wars VHS releases on the occasion of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer

In celebration of the release of the excellent new Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer (here), I'm posting my small but historical collection of Star Wars VHS tapes:

I love the original poster art cover on the one on the right.
Luke is wearing some really clunky 80's moon boot and Leia? I guess she doesn't need shoes because she is barefoot.

I hadn't planned on collecting these, I just sort of stumbled into it. They were 99¢ cents each at different thrift shops about 18 months apart. Each time, my internal 11 year-old self saw them and wouldn't allow me to just pass them by. So I rescued them and brought them home.

The one on the right is older, note that it just says "Star Wars" rather than the retitled one of the left "A New Hope".

Some information on the web suggests that the older release on the right is from the mid-1980's release of the series, a few years after the original trilogy was released in the theaters. I know that is not correct in my case, because the tape itself has a 1992 date on it. So this release would be from the 1990's re-release of the entire trilogy on VHS. The New Hope release of the left is from 1995, with Lucas' re-mastered THX sound.

Most importantly for me is that these VHS tapes contain the original movie before Lucas released his so-called "Special Editions" where he used CGI to make changes to the movie. So Alderaan and the Death Star (I) simply blow up in smithereens and don't have those added CGI rings that the later releases have and, of course, these movies prove that...