Thursday, January 26, 2017

@ScoutBooks "Big Ideas Start Here" Limited Edition Mega Notebook + Horse & Hare bonus! @horseandhare1

Just after the new year, one of my favorite notebook companies, Scout Books sneak-peeked a new addition to their Artists lineup:

Thank God for Facebook!

This post was a welcome ray of sunshine at a dark time, shadowed by the passing of so many cultural icons that seemed to pile up at the end of 2016 and (for some of us) the foreboding event looming on the 20th of the month. The naked joyousness of the cover was both reminiscent of an innocent childhood and also a paean to more hopeful days ahead.  I had to have one. Now.

I went to their online store but I didn't see it. I contacted Scout Books through their Facebook page and was told that while it wasn't in their store yet, they would send me one. Perhaps Chloƫ from Scout Books could sense my desperation through the drift of the Internet and was throwing me a lifeline. In any case, they were as good as their word and the notebook arrived a few days later.

Big Ideas mega notebook size compared to their pocket notebook size.
I've been a fan of their pocket notebooks for awhile, and I didn't realize that the Big Ideas was actually in their Mega notebook line.  But clearly, Big Ideas deserve a bigger format and the 5"x7" inch size of the Mega Notebook fits the bill nicely.  Basically, the Mega notebook is like the little brother of the large Moleskine cahier notebooks: dimension-wise it is almost as wide but 1-1/4" inches shorter, skinnier at 36 pages versus the Moleskine's 80 pages, and plays better with others with Scout's thicker 70# paper made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

So much to look at and nicely balanced color-wise.
This notebook makes me happy every time I look at it. The artist, Jordan Sondler, has somehow captured every doodle I ever drew whiling away my time in high school. (Except for the guns. Boys tend to doodle guns. And tanks.) It looks like a five-color application over a kraft cover with blank innards, as to not impede the flow of big ideas.

One thing that I just noticed, despite using the Scout notebooks for a couple of years now, is their indicia tucked away in the spine of the last page:

I checked my other Scout notebooks and it was on all of them.
The "Big Ideas Start Here" notebook is now available in their shop here, if you need a little pick-me-up! Thanks to Scout Books for making my 2017 better!


Like I said, I'm a fan of Scout Books. Here's another Mega notebook with custom silk-screened cover from the wildly talented folks at Horse & Hare:

I felt a little self-aggrandizing buying this for myself, but...Vader!

I'm not sure, but these seem to be made-to-order at the Horse & Hare online Etsy shop.

And finally, here's a gratuitous shot of the Scout pocket notebooks I've used in the last year:
As you can see, I don't respect the covers and abuse them quite a bit.