Monday, November 23, 2015

#Ebay watch: James Thurber memorabilia? Shipping Box for his cremated ashes!

Looking for that special gift this Christmas for the the literati that has everything? I bet they don't have this:

For a mere $499 (starting bid), you can purchase the shipping container that once held the urn and cremation remains or cremains (today's lesson in portmanteau), of noted New Yorker writer and American humorist James Thurber. Seriously.

But wait, there's more! Not only will you receive the OEM shipping box and label, you will also receive the cotton batting that cradled the Thurber urn during shipment:

Alas, the auction makes sure to state:

You are NOT Receiving the Ashes of James Thurber; they were interred at Greenlawn Cemetery on the west side of Columbus.

So this is your only way to get up and personal with the really dead James Thurber. My favorite picture of the auction is this:

Which, I guess, is the seller carrying the box out of the funeral home in Ohio. I imagine the mailman who actually brought the cremains and urn in this shipping box to the funeral home carried it in much the same way 54 years ago.

Shipping is a bit pricey at over $50, but what do you expect? It's a wooden box that weighs almost seven pounds.  Returns are NOT accepted, so you need to be sure you really want this because at 13.5" inches tall, I don't think it will fit under your bed.

Still interested? Click here:  Genuine JAMES THURBER Cremains Shipping Box from Columbus Ohio Funeral Hoime RARE

You can't win if you don't bid!

P.S.  It's true that I am a big fan of James Thurber, but don't ask me how I found this auction.